#YouAreHereMap #SitStandSing

The You Are Here Map (YAH) is an interactive map created by Sane Energy Project and FrakTracker that explores the fracking infrastructure of our region and highlights the communities affected by the industry, and what they are doing to defend their land, water, air and democracy.



While many New Yorkers were focused on banning high-volume hydraulic fracture drilling (fracking) in 2009-2014, a growing grassroots convergence of communities across New York began gathered in a church in Roscoe, NY to share their local stories about how the fracking industry was already here, and harming New Yorkers.

From these gatherings, the YAH Map was created to show the massive buildout of fracked gas infrastructure, such as waste, pipelines, compressors and water theft, that garnered far less attention in the State.

The original map was launched September 20, 2014, the day before the historic People’s Climate March in New York City. Later that year, New York State banned fracking, but since then, Governor Cuomo has continued to approve fracked gas pipelines, power plants and other infrastructure cementing our region’s partnership with dirty fossil fuels.

Since the YAH Map was created, Sane Energy Project has continued to work with communities resisting fracked gas infrastructure to update the map and tell their stories.


History of resistance in New York:

Thousands of New Yorkers took a pledge to participate in non-violent direct action if a single well was ever fracked in the State. Civil disobedience to stop fracking never had to take place because New York banned the drilling process, but that fierce spirit of resistance has been present in many communities fighting fracked gas infrastructure.

An industry presentation confirms that their greatest obstacle is the grassroots opposition movements built by New York communities who refuse to be put on the fossil fuel chopping block.

Five groups from those communities, Occupy the Pipeline (NYC), Resist Spectra (Westchester Co.), Protect Orange County, We Are Seneca Lake (Schuyler County), and farmers from Dutchess County were forced to escalate to non-violent civil disobedience when the regulatory bodies failed to protect them from fracked gas infrastructure.

On April 23, 2018, 1500 people marched in Albany to call on Governor Cuomo to halt fracked gas infrastructure. 55 people were arrested when Governor Cuomo chose to lock his doors on them.

On September 7, 2018, 10 New Yorkers were arrested for shutting down the street in front of Governor Cuomo’s office calling on him to rise to the climate crisis.



Sit, Stand, Sing: A Direct Action Tour

Throughout May - July  2019, Sane Energy Project and will travel across New York on the ‘Sit, Stand Sing’ tour. This tour is a collaboration with communities featured on the You Are Here Map of fracking infrastructure. Each tour stop entails trainings on organizing skills like strategy, direct action and movement building.

Our goal is to connect communities across the state to halt the expansion of fracked gas infrastructure and build the sustainable and renewable world we know is possible.

Tour stops:

June 2, Springville, Eric Co. NY - NO NAPL COALITION: Northern Access Pipeline

June 25, Elmira, Chemung Co. NY - PEOPLE FOR A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: Frack Waste and Transport

June 29- Wingdale, Dutchess County, NY - Stop Cricket Valley Fracked Gas Power Plant

TBD - Onenota, Otsego Co. NY - Expansion of Gas Transport and Storage

TBD- Peekskill, Westchester Co., NY - RESIST SPECTRA Expansion of Spectra/Enbridge adjacent to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant